We found lack of suitable cycle tracks on the highways is the main roadblock to safe cycling. A lot of countries and different states in India made dedicated cycle tracks on the highways to promote cycle as a mode of transportation to save the environment, to cut the use of oil and to save the money.

Strike & Campaign

Pedal Force organized Kerala’s first strike and campaign Demanding cycle tracks on the highways in Kerala, on April 2018 at Karingachira, Kochi . As part of the campaign, we collected signatures and prepared a memorandum and submitted to various authorities to construct the cycle tracks on the highways in Kerala

Efforts bore fruit

We where campaigned for cycle tracks from April 2018 and a bit happy now that our efforts bore fruit when the state and central governments decided to build cycle tracks on the new costal highway in Kerala and 11 major city highways in Kochi (under smart city mission project) and also came to know that the authorities just started to construct a cycle track on the beach highway in Kozhikode and at payyambalam in Kannur is highly appreciable

India’s First VIP Ride

First time in India, Cyclists become VIPs through Pedal Force save planet ride to give respect to the cyclist and to spread the benefits of cycling to the society on 10th Dec 2017. Pedal Force is the first cycling association in Kerala mainly focusing to develop cycle as an alternative mode of transportation for local use. Pedal Force gained attention after giving VIP status to the cyclist by organizing its maiden ride “The Save Planet Ride” in Dec 2017. Note: We have NO branches anywhere